Prosperity Now Blog en 1:1 Fund Partners’ Momentum Culminates in June Graduation Campaign As the 1:1 Fund’s newly released 2017 Impact Report showcases, the online fundraising platform that Prosperity Now created to support 2018-06-15 Diego Quezada 24317 New 529 Rule Changes and What They Mean for CSAs With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) last December, Congress made sweeping changes to the tax 2018-06-14 Carl Rist 24313 Fintech for Financial Inclusion? Trusted Nonprofit Partnerships Are Key. Financial technology—or fintech—is all around us. We see push notifications from banks on our phones, new apps for managing expenses 2018-06-14 Pamela Chan 24311 “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch”: Lessons for Sustaining Financial Capability Services in Youth Workforce Programs Having a plan doesn’t necessarily equal success: This was one lesson shared during the Youth Financial Capability Fund (YFCF) convening 2018-06-14 Melissa Grober-Morrow 24312 How Does Your Community Fare? A Guide to Using Our New Scorecard Data and Tools Editor's Note: For more on the new data and resources, including how major U.S. cities compare across Scorecard measures, see 2018-06-13 Emma Polson, Shehryar Nabi 24310 Uplift America: A Public-Private Partnership Tackling Rural Poverty Over 11% of all counties in the United States are persistently poor, meaning that 20% or more of the population 2018-06-12 Myrto Karaflos 24298 Wins & Challenges: Reflections on the 2018 State Legislative Sessions This year’s state legislative sessions have brought many wins and challenges, despite several states holding shorter sessions. Yet it would 2018-06-12 Kamolika Das 24301 Why Homeownership (Still) Matters Americans have long been striving for the “American Dream” of working hard, pursuing homeownership and building wealth that could be 2018-06-11 Pamela Agava 24300 Fighting Poverty with Free Tax Preparation A few weeks ago, you could almost hear everyone in America let out a collective sigh of relief: tax season 2018-06-07 Joanna Ain 24296 Rainy Day Savings Accounts: An Innovative Approach to Help Workers Weather Financial Emergencies We all know that financial emergencies happen to everyone, whether it’s a job loss, an unexpected medical procedure or a 2018-06-06 Joanna Ain 24294 These Charts Reveal the How and Why of Including Financial Services in Housing Programs Housing organizations have always offered their clients a wide variety of services such as pre-purchase counseling, foreclosure counseling and information 2018-06-04 Kate Davidoff 24291 Innovating the Savings Field: We Want to Hear Your Stories! Although the essential Assets for Independence (AFI) program was defunded a year ago , we know that efforts to support 2018-06-01 Alicia Hadley 24289 Five Themes Shaping the Growth of the Children's Savings Movement On May 2, more than 50 Children’s Savings Account (CSA) practitioners, researchers and other supporters gathered at the Bureau of 2018-06-01 Shira Markoff 24290 Community Bulletin: Stress Management for Practitioners From the Editor Dear Community Partners and Friends, We find ourselves at the tail end of Mental Health Awareness Month 2018-05-31 Fran Rosebush Baylor, Carmen Shorter, Shaakirah Medford 24288 A Bill for Inclusive Credit Scores Could Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap and Build Financial Security A Tale of Two Families John and Jane Smith are in their late 20s, have two children and purchased a 2018-05-30 Anju Chopra 24287 How Financial Capability and Asset Ownership Can Help People Weather Racial Wealth Inequity Centuries of discriminatory policies and practices have entrenched America’s deep racial wealth divide. Despite gains in the previous three years, 2018-05-29 Melissa Grober-Morrow 24286 Is Debt Like Cholesterol? As I was prepping for a talk last week on debt in the US, I realized that we talk about 2018-05-25 Solana Rice 24283 Share Your Big Ideas at the 2018 Prosperity Summit! Hosted biennially in the Washington, DC area by Prosperity Now, the Prosperity Summit offers three days of sessions, networking events, 2018-05-18 24278 Prosperity Summit Sneak Preview: Focusing on the How The 2018 Prosperity Summit (formerly the Assets Learning Conference) is now less than four months away. We’re getting more and 2018-05-16 Leigh Tivol 24277 Five Years After the 1:1 Fund Started Growing CSA Donations, How is it Doing? The 1:1 Fund has enabled a diverse array of Children’s Savings Account (CSA) programs to raise funds from donors, large 2018-05-16 Diego Quezada 24276