2018 EITC Awareness Day Toolkit

Thank you for joining with the Taxpayer Opportunity Network to promote EITC Awareness Day 2018! This Toolkit provides several resources to help you reach more taxpayers and local and federal lawmakers, sharing the impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit in your community and state.

Below you’ll find descriptions and links to download each individual tool/resource and its intended purpose. Or, use the button on the right to download the full toolkit. 

Engage Your Federal Lawmakers

  • We’ve made it easy to Tweet your Senators and Representatives to ensure they support the EITC and are working to protect it, and to remind them of the importance of maintaining the EITC and how vital it is for hard-working Americans.
  • Inviting your members of Congress to your VITA site is a great way to showcase this high-impact, low-cost program in action! Use this template to send a direct invitation to the local scheduler to invite your member of Congress to join you at your site.

Engage Your Local Lawmakers 

Highlight the impact of the EITC in your community by encouraging your mayor to issue an EITC Awareness Day proclamation for your city. This Mayoral Toolkit includes a customizable email script, proclamation and sample press release to raise awareness about the impact of the EITC in your community and the great work you’re doing to help EITC-eligible taxpayers claim the credit for free!

Social Media Messages

Here you will find messages in English and Spanish. Please feel free to tweak the posts to best suit your organization and to use images wherever you see fit, but be sure to use #EITCAwarenessDay.

Shareable Images

These are high-resolution, shareable images you can publish on social media, include in your newsletters, post to your website and more.

The Numbers Tell It All

These one-page data snapshots demonstrate the value and impact of the EITC in every state and the District of Columbia, including how many dollars went back into the pockets of hard-working taxpayers last year.


Thunderclap is a social media platform that allows people to support a single message via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr all at the same time; think of it as a massive flash mob on social media. The more people that sign up for Thunderclap, the louder it will be!

Additional Resources

Hungry for more tools and resources? Check out the five additional resources from the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities! 

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